Reclaimed Wood Helped Transform Home’s Value

The "Orlando Eyesore" Before Renovations

The “Orlando Eyesore” Before Renovations

Since its inception, the team at True American Grain has demonstrated just how valuable their reclaimed wood can be when used in home renovations. This was most recently exemplified in an episode of the DIY Network’s acclaimed show, “Lawn & Order.” The May 19th episode featured a period of time spanning over two months, during which TAG’s reclaimed wood helped transform a home’s value on the market from a definitive “eyesore” into a gorgeous, contemporary Florida paradise. Not only that, but due to TAG’s stunning additions, the property was eventually sold for nearly $100k more than the original appraised value. Quite the turn around!

You can catch the episode, “Orlando Eyesore,” on the DIY Network. Tune in to see how our reclaimed wood was able to bring this home to the next level.

Success Using TAG Reclaimed Wood

When you’re looking to impress, whether it’s to dazzle house guests or to increase the market value of your home, there is no better investment you can make than in TAG’s reclaimed wood. Touted by “Lawn & Order” hosts Sara Bendrick and Chris Lambton as a “great way to create some interest” in any home or business, our reclaimed wood was able to fully revitalize a client’s outdoor entertainment area. What was once seen as uninviting and boxy had been transformed into an open, attractive expanse, immediately invoking a sense of excitement for the summer evenings which lay ahead.

The team at “Lawn & Order” stepped it up yet another notch with the use of our RECWood™ products. In order to compliment the paneled frame around their freshly-painted front door, they installed a similar RECWood™ panelling against the outer wall. Though the home had already been beautifully renovated on the inside, these additions greatly promoted the residence’s curb appeal, prompting furthered interest in the entirety of the property. The combination of these fixtures created a uniquely modern look, combining a timeless, rustic feel set with an image of constructed elegance.

Tips for Installing Reclaimed Wood Panels Outside

Sara Bendrick installs REC Wood Panels

Sara Bendrick installs REC Wood Panels

You don’t have to be a licensed professional to achieve the structure and design of your dream house. Our products are easy to install, no matter your level of woodworking expertise. If you’re considering installing reclaimed wood panels to your home’s exterior, the TAG team can help you achieve efficient, lasting results. Your imagination is the only limit! Check out our tips below to facilitate your next project:

  • Before you begin, obtain some of our sample panels and compare them to other popular options. Really, go ahead! It will be immediately evident that our high-quality lumber ranks superior in quality, color, and style.
  • Once you’ve selected the lumber you’d like to work with, start off by prepping the wall where you’ll be installing the wood. Using a color similar to the wood you’ve chosen, paint the wall with a few coats, ensuring that no other colors will unintentionally show through the paneling.
  • Before installing, lay your panels on the ground to preview the look you like. (Pro Tip: Mix & Match the shades of wood you’ve chosen to create a more appealing look!)
  • Use a standard nail gun to hold the panels into place. While it is possible to use an adhesive like Liquid Nails, this may cause damage to your walls if you choose to later remove the panels.

For more tips and suggestions on the best way to install and take care of your new reclaimed wood paneling, check out our page on how to MEASURE & INSTALL RECLAIMED WOOD PANELS.