Reclaimed Wood Panels

Real American Reclaimed Wood Panels

True American Grain Reclaimed Wood offers a wide variety in-stock of pre-cut and custom made-to-order reclaimed wood paneling priced to beat the competition! Due to our in house milling operation, we are able to provide a much higher quality hardwood product than the other companies who farm out the fabrication to outside companies. We select each board with care as if it were going into our own home. Our milled boards and panels have consistent thickness and straight cuts ensuring ease of installation.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels from RECwood

Exterior Panels

For external application use as siding, please contact our showroom personnel for availability. Call 949-282-0053

Feel free to visit our newly designed showroom here at True American Grain Reclaimed Wood to get ideas for your new project!

reclaimed wood sample pack

RECwood Reclaimed Wood Panels offers samples packs for customers in the U.S. to view our high quality reclaimed wood in person. Order your samples pack or just stop by the True American Grain Lumber store in Laguna Niguel.

We are Orange County’s original reclaimed wood supplier making your DIY project hassle free.

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Located at 27324 Camino Capistrano Suite 160, Laguna Niguel, CA or call us at 949.282.0053

Our reclaimed panels are ideal for interior applications. For exterior application True American Grain can provide ‘full-thickness, ship-lapped’ panels. PLEASE CONTACT THE SALES TEAM AT TRUE AMERICAN GRAIN 949-282-0053

Located in Orange County, True American Grain has an incredible collection of Vintage Reclaimed Barn Woods including custom reclaimed flooring, reclaimed paneling, hand hewn beams, furniture, reclaimed lumber and now introducing our very own trademarked product “RECwood Reclaimed Barn Planks” available in store today as well as online at . RECwood is a unique “ready-to-take” DIY friendly product exclusive at True American Grain, where customers can now purchase custom milled reclaimed wood panels of any color of their choice, and is custom cut in a way that it can be easily installed in any application. “RECwood Reclaimed Barn Planks” was created with the shared vision and passion of creating a product that not only can transform a wall, piece of furniture, and much more, but it shares a unique story with every package. “RECwood” is not just a package of milled reclaimed wood, it is the accumulation and result of listening to the wants and needs of every customer that has ever walked through our door at True American Grain. We at True American Grain, welcome all jobs small and large. As the first and original of its kind in Orange County, CA, we designed our store as a friendly save-haven for the every day DIY’er all the way to commercial contractors looking for semi-truck loads of specified milled lumber. Our location is designed as a lumber store with over 12,000 SF for your convenience for choosing the perfect board for you!

We Specialize in all custom hardwood reclaimed flooring, paneling, and reclaimed lumber. Restaurants, custom remodels, commercial properties, etc… Vintage Reclaimed Lumber whether it be flooring or any one of our many products truly brings out a warm inviting depth to any room. True American Grain is currently the supplier to several of the major lumber stores throughout the South West region of the United States. Due to our exclusive one-of-a-kind on site milling operation, we take pride in the fact that all products offered by True American Grain are completely hand crafted on-site.

We at True American Grain strongly believe in the importance of being True to the meaning of the term “Green”. We have based this company on the premise that what you take should be then given back. All of our products offered including our own “RECwood”, use recycled, already established lumber rather than contributing to the continued depletion of our current natural resources. With every package of RECwood sold either at our location at True American Grain or online at , we can only have the hope that each story that we share, which is made possible by the beauty of our lumber producs, may inspire society to over time, cherish and take better care of what we have in front of us today.

We seek within the entire United States for rare and unique vintage lumber and artifacts, with the hope to obtain and share its story, bringing us to our tag line “Giving new life to old America”. We believe at True American Grain, it is not just the look or feel that gives the piece its value, but rather the story it carries with it. With every piece we carry at our “Home” store, comes the passion we share with every customer that walks through our door. Our lumber products come from American wood structures from throughout the country with the goal to reuse the vintage wood to create all of our wood products (i.e. custom designed furniture, doors, flooring, siding, beams etc.) . Because most of the structures can be dated back to the pre-1900’s era, every one of our products hold, not only a piece of American history, but quite possibly a species of wood that may no longer be in existence in present day America. We make sure that every Grain of product that we acquire is utilized or recycled. We take the reclaimed wood to create our entire product line offered at our store, and then recycle all the byproduct when possible (i.e. sawdust, metal structuring & roofing, etc.). In this process we make sure that none of this resource is fallen by the waste side. We have a saying at our location that “Every piece has a home” and that is because there is not one piece that is scrap or trash, it all has a use and we believe the sky is the limit when you let your imagination create.